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Learn Basic English

A good start is an interactive game to learn English (basic level, A1). All units are divided in three parts: Grammar, Vocabulary y Texts.They are represented by three icons: G, V and T. Whenever you click on these icons a menu will appear where you can click on the activity that you want to do. There are many different possibilities so do not hesitate in experimenting will all of them.

All the activites can be printed in a PDF in case you want to do in a traditional way.

There are many different types of activities: grammar explanations, activities where students have to select the correct option, activities in which you have to write something, activities where you have to drag objects to the correct place, organise paragrpahs, etc. There are also interactive games which will make your experience more enjoyable such as: wordsearches, do as simon does, discovering pairs, scramble, etc. We hope you enjoy and give us your feedback so we can improve this game.

TRY THE FULL SCREEN MODE BY CLIKING ON THE GREEN SCREEN. For security reasons, the only activities that cannot be done in this way are those in which you are required to write something.